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'Recovery' Dating Sites*

Along with Recovery Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting singles in recovery with others who are sober or who also in some stage of recovery for some issue. It turns out there are a number of highly targeted dating sites focused on connecting sober singles with others and these sites range from focusing on 'Recovery Dating' to 'Sober Chat'. Hopefully the sites listed below will help you find sober singles of interest.



Maintain Your Sobriety With Other Sober Singles
If you are sober and you are looking to date, it is MUCH easier to date someone who doesn't want to 'hit the bars' on the weekends or even have a glass of wine with dinner every night. While many relationships are comprised of people who are sober and others who are not, it can be easier when both individuals are sober. Join and find like-minded singles on Sober-Dating today!

Sober Dating Site

Start Dating Sober Singles Near You
When it comes to friendship, love, dating and romance, if you're looking to find someone who knows exactly what you're going through, then Sober Dating Site could be the site for you! Join and surround yourself with singles who are dealing with the pressures of life, the pressures of work, the pressures of family and all while doing it completely sober.

Sober Dating Service

Stay Sober While Looking for Love!
"It Can Be Difficult to Navigate the Social Scene if You're Trying to Stay Sober. Now You Can Do it With the Help of Sober Dating Service! Connect With Single Girls and Guys Who Know What You're Dealing With and Can Make Dating Much Easier For You!"

Gay Sober Dating

Meet Sober Gay Singles Today!
Times have changed and 'the place' to meet other gay men is no longer primarily gay bars. If that were the case, then sober gay men would find it very difficult to find others dealing with the same issues. Fortunately, due to internet dating, single gay men can meet others dealing with sobriety on Gay Sober Dating. Join today and meet up for a cup of coffee.

Free Sober Dating

Sobriety Lives And Loves Here!
"Let Free Sober Dating Help Keep You On The Wagon." Meet up with other singles dealing with sobriety on a daily basis. For many, it is not even a second thought, while others may still be fighting their personal battles. Join Free Sober Dating and begin meeting other singles who actually understand what you are going through and who can empathize because they are going through the same thing, or they have in the past.

Sober Singles Chat

Chat With Other Sober Singles Online
Sober Singles Chat is a sober singles dating designed to connect singles 'on the wagon' so they can chat online with other singles who are sober and celebrating their sobriety. Join today and begin meeting and chatting with other sober singles like yourself.


Clean Sober Dating

Maintain Your Sobriety While Dating
If you are looking for 'straight-edge' dating where you are surrounded by singles who do not do drugs or drink alcohol, then Clean Sober Dating may be the perfect site for you. Join and begin meeting other singles for fun exciting dates that have absolutely nothing to do with drugs or drinking!

*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Recovery Passions.